way to sell the game now that kickstarter is done?
  • I have a feeling that people might want to buy into this and get early access to the alpha if they hadn't heard until after the Kickstarter or after watching some videos they just can't help themselves.

    Are you thinking of there being an option for people to buy it? :D

    Like how introversion is handling prison architect on their site

    or double fine's slacker backer page, even though they haven't even sent out a single build yet, they got a slacker backer page for people that want to give em money :D

    I bet if you had a way for people to give you money you'd get money
  • Yes, once I've gotten a good round of feedback from the current set of alpha backers and am ready to open it to more eyeballs I'll put up a store, let other people get in on what's left of the Alpha (or let Beta backers upgrade if they want) - thanks!

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