New Alpha Release 6/30/2013 - HUD 'fixed'
  • Since I'm still stuck trying to sovle this HUD problem I've rolled back the UI to the previous system which worked. Now there's no HUD in the Oculus, but I wager that's fine for now - learn to play in regular mode and then try it out on the Oculus if you're so equipped.

    I've only updated the Windows version, because the Mac users who reported in said the HUD was working for them.

    So, if you're a Windows-using Alpha backer and want to be actually able to play the thing as intended, go get it! Same Energy Hook place, same Energy Hook channel.
  • awesome! can't wait to play it :D

    It might be explained somewhere else (sorry) but can you please help me understand what the difference is in the two different modes you pick at the beginning. I've played both a good amount and they seem to be the same for me. I might be crazy though, or it might be a bug, or I might not be observant at all.

    whats the "title" of this update or numbering or whatever? I like labeling each update on my videos :D
  • There was a bug with the broken-HUD build (build 129) where it didn't matter which jetpack you picked in the beginning. That should be fixed now, and the difference hopefully obvious.

    Currently we're on build 130.

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