Energy Hook Alpha News
  • Okay, so we hit the DropBox bandwidth limit pretty quick. Sorry, I didn't know the limit was so low (and that so many of you would download it first thing! Warms my heart!)

    Jakub is going to host the files from here on out and he has 'pretty much unlimited bandwidth'.

    But before I set that up, I want to fix the UI bug that most people are experiencing. (They can't see the UI.) Fortunately, I've reproduced it on one of my machines here so a fix won't be long.

    Then I'll e-mail everyone with new download instructions!
  • Okay - still haven't solved that UI bug, but I've sent everybody links to Jakub's server.

    If you're actually seeing the game's HUD with its energy bars and tutorial text and whatnot, let me know what OS and graphics card you're using.

  • I cannot see the HUD, and I am using Windows 7 Pro, with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 580, I did update to the latest drivers and test it. I also tried it at various resolutions from 1650x1080 on down to 1024x768.
  • I was able to see the HUD using the one you launched first (build 130 I believe). Using Windows 7 and an integrated graphics card on my laptop (it won't tell me exactly what it is, just intel hd graphics family). Running the game on full graphics, both windowed and fullscreen. However, I can't find any sort of exit button in the game, nor a save option (if one is available yet).
  • Exiting is Alt-F4 on windows and Cmd-Q on Mac for now. No saving available yet, sorry!

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