Feedback from a Rift user and Q3 grapple mod fan
  • Been slacking on giving my feedback, so here it is.

    First off, great job so far on the game and frequent alpha updates! So nice to see it progressing!

    I use this with the Rift 99% of the time, so all my feedback is centered on it. Looking around is good, although the first person update does have me looking through the character model a lot. I use the mouse and keyboard and it works ok except I really don't feel like I have good control of the grapple targeting. I played a lot of Q3 with a grapple mod back in the day and it was very nice to be able to target walls and even the floor at times where as in enegry hook I feel like I can only hit grapple points that are above me. If there was a way to grapple what I'm looking I'd be able to pull off some more crazy stunts I think.

    Super crazy mode would be using the Razer hydra for two grapple lines at once! Seems like that might be a lot of work though, and not use-able without a hyrda, so maybe stick to one.

    Seems like the movement is a bit odd when on the ground or walls but I try to avoid that anyhow.

    Keep up the great work!
  • Thanks! - I was going to do a thing where you can use your look/camera to aim the line, but wasn't going to let you aim down. But it shouldn't be hard to add that additional mode.

    The Razer hydra people are impossible to get in touch with. :P
  • Hi Jaime,

    New Rift user here. I agree with Briggs that better grapple targeting would be key. I also feel that, right now, 1st person is positively nausea inducing (which I haven't had for a while). Moving at inhuman speeds seems to be very challenging in the Rift, and even more so with Energy Hook as your view is constantly being jerked around at this stage.

    Actually, that is another piece of feedback. In 1st person, I think it would help significantly if you view remained fluid and in your control. Right now, I feel like I clip through objects (not just obvious ones like walls, but even cranes, etc) and it whips my view around, which is nausea inducing.

    That's all for now...will continue to test and give you feedback.
  • Thanks! Yeah. Joe Ludwig at Valve is actually a friend of mine and he might be the world's foremost authority on how to fight Rift nausea ... unfortunately his main advice is "Use third person" ... I'm still incorporating some of his tips and hope things will be better. It's a tough problem ... swinging doesn't feel like swinging if you don't pitch forward and back, and wall-running doesn't feel like wall-running if you don't change the horizon angle, and those are a couple big nausea triggers.

    But the sudden jerks should be fixable, no excuse for those. Back to work!

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