Mirror of Alpha
  • Is it possible the developer could mirror the download from Dropbox to a better host like http://mega.co.nz/?
    Dropbox has terrible speeds, especially in Australia, and it seems to have trouble sending the size of the file to Firefox and keeping from dropping out.
  • I'll look into it. Some indie pals of mine recommended DropBox but the upload speeds were pretty bad, too. :P
  • looking into steam early access or desura alpha funding might be the coolest, but I bet mega would work pretty well too. Not sure why dropbox wouldn't work though, if everyone just copied the file to their own dropbox before downloading, same with mega. Not sure if that gets past the single user bandwidth limit and spreads it across every individual person. anyways, I think Steam early access is the best :D put the price as the same as the alpha limit on kickstarter until its beta. :D
  • You have to get through greenlight to get on Steam Early Access. Energy Hook has stalled out at 43% of the way to the top 100 - it would take some coverage by some big youtubers to get it through, seems like.
  • Have you thought about the humble indie store site?

    Also: what ups a games status on green light?
  • Okay, the mirror is up, you should all be getting messages on how to access it.

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