New Alpha Release - version a2.24 - first person improvements, new moves
  • A bunch of cool stuff in the latest biweekly update.

    I've improved the first person mode: the camera tilts and pitches when you run on walls and swing around, and you can look down at yourself. It's really close to where I want it. It's definitely more motion sicky on the Oculus, but fun. Play it for as long as you can stand...

    The D-Pad does stuff now. When on a line, you can press up and down (or R and F on the keyboard) to reel in and reel out your line; when in midair, you can use the dpad to spin and flip around (only works in third person, and even then the camera goes a little crazy.) These new toys aren't built into the scoring system yet but are fun to play with!

    There are the beginnings of a cannonball pose. Not really worth mentioning yet.

    Also some little bug fixes with the volumetric fog in first-person and friction.

  • I love all the wacky things you can do with this new update! Played another hour without noticing it! Thanks Jamie! :D
  • theres so many spam threads whats going on?!? :'(

    edit: alright now theres more than a page of spam. AHHH wtf :'(
  • Yikes, you go away for a week and spammers discover your forum. Working on it.
  • YO! Humble store = awesome! is it a2.24 or a newer version? also I gotta say it again just because I want to.....I CANT STOP playing this game! XD
  • a2.24 - probably won't get a new build up until after PAX.

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