New Alpha Release va2.18 - New Physics
  • The great thing about being indie is I can do crazy things and the only person who might suffer is me. (Well, you might have to wait a little longer for the game to be done, but it'll be worth it.)

    So I replaced the main character's fundamental physics system last week.

    The Mac and PC versions are up on the Linux version should be up by 6 PM PST. Enjoy!

    This gives it a noticeably different feel - generally everything's a bit slipperier. So let me know what you think about that. It also gives us a bunch of good stuff:

    you don't stick or float next to walls anymore
    you can stand on moving platforms (and you can swing from them, too, though that's different tech; try hitching a ride on one of the elevated trains)
    you can slide down slopes
    wallrunning is easier
    it's more reliable and solid - we should be popping through walls and floors much less often now
    And there's a new level to really show off the new physics - the Experimental Industrial Area level, accessible from the second flooded city level. Give it a try! Slide down some slides, swing from one moving platform to the next.

    Couple other good things - Daniel Morris has given us a nice hanging idle animation, and there's more ambient sound effects.

    The update's at same Energy Hook place, same Energy Hook user id and password.

    On the downside:

    animation states are a lot mankier now (manky is a technical game development term)
    first person mode no longer can wall-run
    the mac gamepad pause and boost buttons are mapped wrong (you should be able to fix this in the opening dialog box)
    the pause menu checkboxes are invisible when using the Oculus
    Now, I've been taking a break from Energy Hook this week to participate in 7dRTS. You can check out my progress at - I should be back on there plugging away this evening (unless my wife talks me into spending quality family time or something.)

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