Questions about planned features
  • A couple questions that occurred to me based on videos I've seen and my past experience with Spiderman 2 regarding features that are planned for the game:

    Are there going to be speed upgrades?

    Are speed based wooshing noises going to get implemented?

    I have no idea how difficult either of these things are to implement but I just wanted to see if they're on the table :)

    At this point I'm really wishing I had bought into the alpha instead of just beta, but I suppose there's nothing I can do for that at the moment. I'm so happy that this game is happening; I have hundreds of hours in SM2 and play it to this day :)
  • Speed upgrades: yes.
    Wooshing: 99% chance of yes.

  • Out of curiosity, could I ask what might prevent the "whooshing"? I always imagined it'd be a pretty simple effect to pull off.
  • Brian gets hit by a bus, for a worst-case example...
  • Heh, good point. Forgot you've got a sound guy on board.

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