New Alpha Release v142 - 7/9/13 - first person mode
  • A new update is up in the usual place!

    What's new in v142?
    - First draft of first person mode is playable and working with Oculus Rift.
    - Changing pause menu options actually changes the options. :P
    - New music. (Brian told me not to put it in yet but I already did.)
    - "Exit Game" menu item

    Enjoy! Let me know what you think about the first person mode. It doesn't yet pitch and yaw when you swing and run on walls ... a good question will be how to do that on the Oculus without making people sick ...
  • maybe a transition animation? for what the character would be doing to get back and forth between swinging and wall running in a direction. Maybe the boots are magnetic or a futuristic type of magnetic that can attach you to whatever and wall run. So maybe change wall running so you have to click it before you hit the wall, helping you think things through? I have no idea.

    Great update though, I'm having a lot of fun playing in first person mode moving the camera with the right analog stick now :D
  • Hey!
    Just wondering if you've seen this page?

    "Using Desura, your customers can opt into a secure beta testing program. You can then give as few or many participants as you want (your choice) early access to your release and updates, so you can seek feedback from real gamers across the globe with different hardware."

    I think what that means is, no greenlight, and the easiest way to update the game, and only the people who bought into the alpha can download it. The way the builds are being pushed out right now its possible for anyone to download it if they know the login I believe. This would at least make it safer, and I didn't know Desura let you put a game up and not be on the store. :D
  • Hey cool - I'll check that out if the Humble Store doesn't do that.

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