What do y'all think of this Dark City asset set?

  • Should I get this and put it in Energy Hook? It's super-affordable.

    I'm torn. On one hand, it's kind of a generic/derivative dystopian future. And it doesn't fit the look of the rest of Energy Hook. And will using stock assets look cheap? This city is probably going to be cropping up in all kinds of Unity games in the near future.

    On the other hand - it's a pretty impressive piece of work, with a ton of assets, and the tall buildings with smooth faces look like they'd be fun.

    What do you think?
  • short answer: awesome yes

    stupid long answer:

    Looks awesome, but I'm just as happy playing with rectangles. Would be awesome but at the same time user made levels could become way cooler. TF2 style, would rather see a way for others to contribute maps in an easier way than settle on any particular one. I would also go for a bunch of maps with n64 era visuals over one that looks like hawken. Would be cool to keep it simple so maybe flatter buildings can exist with the windows being painted on (because I want to wallrun everywhere!) .

    On one side would be really awesome and its a great idea, I never even knew you could buy an "asset set". Very cool! But on the other side I really really really really think TF2 does some incredibly smart things :D
  • Looks like fun to me. If it's affordable, I'd say go for it, though it may put artistic pressure to make other levels match...
  • heck yeah! looks cool man
  • If it means there'll be an extra level, I'd say go for it; I imagine that consistent aesthetics are much lower on most people's priorities for Energy Hook than an extra chunk of content.
  • Looks like it could have some entertaining objects to swing from, like the rail-line and the billboards. I don't know that the effort required to make it match the aesthetics of Energy Hook would be worth it, though.

    I'd say concentrate on making your own environments. It won't take a significantly longer time, and will be guaranteed to be unique.

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