First person.
  • Hi, i was wondering if you could make it so that in first person when you are using a mouse, you can turn your head with the mouse instead of you having to use the turn buttons on the keyboard. It's kind of annoying and it makes it hard to controll. Thanks for reading!
  • That'll be in the next update!
  • Except when using the Rift, right? :)
  • Actually, re-reading the question I had it backwards. Currently, the way you rotate is you use the mouse, and the keyboard strafes. (At least that's how it works on my machines.) The latest update let you also rotate with the keyboard, using the Q&E keys and the DPad on the controller. But if you can't rotate with the mouse something is weird. What platform are you on FlyingPigy? Is it possible your Input settings in the first dialog got corrupted?

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