The new update!
  • So, i downloaded the new update, and i could not see any difference at first, but when i pressed the escape button, i saw the menu and i thought to my self: "Ah, that's cool, a menu!". But i couldnt click anything (BTW, i know that he mentioned that in the update post) :P So that is something you need to fix, and i'm still waiting for the exit button :D I have to press alt+F4 every time i want to exit :P So that is my suggestion. Thanks for reading!
  • lol how is fixing bugs a suggestion? obvious they need to be fixed :P
  • Actually, I really appreciate bug reports. Just because you think it needs to be fixed doesn't mean I realize it's a problem. It's easy to assume I know about or see something.
    For example, I usually play with a gamepad, so I may or may not know that the mouse doens't work with the menu. And the alt-F4 case, I'm like, "What's the big deal? Doesn't everybody just press alt-F4 to quit a game?"
    So keep them coming everybody, whether they're 'suggestions' or not, even if they seem blindingly obvious!
  • Ok - still can't click anything, but the arrow keys now really do work, and I threw in an Exit Game button just for you FlyingPigy, should be in the next update.
  • Thank you for the exit button, I always feel like I'm doing it wrong any time I exit a game without telling the game I'm done.
  • lol, thanks :D

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