Challenge Level Feedback
  • Hi, I am the creator of the challenge levels. I am looking for feedback on how you like the idea of levels like the ones shown in the current alpha.
    How is the difficulty level of them?
    How is the length of the levels?
    What is your favorite level?
    What mechanics do you like or dislike?
    Are there any Features you would like to see?

    Feel free to leave any ideas about the levels here.
    I decided to put my feedback in video form. I play through the levels as I give my feedback.
  • Thanks for taking the time to make a video!
    Did you mean to have yourself talking over the video or just have a gameplay video?
  • yeah it was supposed to have commentary. I guess since that didn't work I'll just write it out.

    It was a little short and there were still some abuseable things, like being able to grapple the bottom of the teleporter. There are many skips you can do in them which is nice. I wish it was harder and the challenges got more interesting. Going up a wall using wallrun feels cool, but I'd like to see you force me to go up, then sideways, then up again. I guess more combination of obstacles without platforms to stand on in between. I could always tell what was going on easily, which was nice. It was clear how each piece of geometry worked. It's odd that the first part has a ceiling which your hook slides on and then that mechanic wasn't used at all for the rest of the challenges.

    Overall, it was fun.
  • Oh yeah, and I noticed a few places where I felt like I should have been able to grapple something above me, but I triggered the "death from the bottom of the level" so I couldn't. Please either be clear about where the bottom is, or make it low enough that I couldn't grapple to anything if I fell down there. It was most noticeable during the cylinder sections

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