• Swinging around is fun, but getting scores in the hundreds just doesn't feel really great.
    Can you just throw a few "00"s on the end, or multiply by 50 or something :)

    Big numbers help make a game feel "juicy":

  • I know the theory and research says gamers love lots of zeroes but it strikes me as cheap. Look at Super Crate Box, they don't feel the need to give you 1000 points per crate...and in Tony Hawk a short grind might get you just 1 point, IIRC.

    Milk your combos right and you should be able to get scores in the thousands. I broke 10k once ... and once we get more moves in there we should start seeing scores in the hundreds of thousands.
  • Fair enough :)

    It is a little cheap, but it definitely feels better to get huge scores :)

    Just checked TH and a (less than) 3-second FS Grind (just hit the grind button on an edge, not holding any tricks) got me 560 points :)). Seeing those numbers tick up super-fast makes an impact!
  • I'm pretty sure the points are in the billions, so when you're getting a score in the hundreds its actually hundreds of billions.

    now are you happy?

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