I found the HUD!
  • Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but if the HUD is missing it can be found floating above the center pit in the first level when in first-person mode.
  • http://imgur.com/Aq15kcH
    Confirmed, that's where mine is as well
    http://youtu.be/m-K5qONySW0 I managed to get a video of the UI bug. The trick counter appears even if you aren't in first-person mode.
  • this is one awesome hilarious bug! :D
  • Great catch!!

    Is this related to the Oculus support? Perhaps drawing the HUD in front of the player on a quad, but its position vector isn't getting updated with the players movement?

    But why only for some systems?

  • Hey all - whoops, did I ship that? - that's sort of the way NGUI works - you render the HUD using the same tech as you render anything in Unity. But you're supposed to put it on a separate layer that only the UI camera sees and vice-versa, but I hadn't done that yet. Fixing that didn't fix the problem, though...

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