Can't use print screen to take a screenshot
  • If I use print screen to take a screenshot, instead I get my desktop with a black box in the top-left corner. I also noticed that the screenshot is only as large as I set the resolution to be in the launch options.
    Edit: If we can't use print screen, could you please recommend a program that will work to take screenshots?
    Edit2: No black box with Oculus in the print screen, but I get UI in the game like the other thread had mentioned.
    Edit3: Looks like I can take a screenshot in windowed:
  • You can use FRAPs it is free for a few days and you can take screenshots using the F10 key but only save them as BMPs in the free version.


  • That's weird... anybody else having the same problem? Possibly try running in a window, then take a screenshot and crop?
  • I had that problem in fullscreen but printscreen worked in windowed mode.
  • also for steam users, if you add energy hook via the "add a non-steam game" option. you can use the screenshot function (F12)

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