Sixty Second Shooter Prime News
  • Sixty Second Shooter Prime is Almost Done. We submitted an optional early build to get a checklist of things to fix from Microsoft, and all but one of those things are fixed. (Hope to get that fixed today.)

    There's a bit of a snag that's going to keep it from launching for a while. To ship a game on the Xbox One, you need some things I'm not used to getting: ratings from official ratings boards for each territory you launch in, and E&O insurance. It turns out these take longer to get than I thought, and require filling out lots of forms. My bad; I should have started looking into these things sooner in the project.

    I owe massive props to Brett Douville (@brett_douville) - he's basically carried me on the coding side of this project.
  • So, do you have an eta for when you begin to work on Energy Hook again?

    I'm just asking, not to stress you. :)
  • A little in May, just to get Keegan's latest out there, and then full-time again in June.
  • Into September now, can we get a general update on how things are going?
  • The best place to go for updates right now is my Kickstarter page -
    I'll have another up soon. Wish I had more to report. Basically UI bugs are kicking my ass, and so I'm upgrading to a new UI system, and *then* I'll be able to get an update out there.

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