Unlocking levels
  • I have problems finding some of the teleporters to levels that ive unlocked, so id like if you would unlock them in the menu too, instead of searching for hours. :)
  • Did it really take hours? Ouch.
  • I have not found them all yet. But, yeah
  • could anyone please tell me in what map a/the teleporter to mt.industry is
  • I'm pretty sure it's on the rooftop with a few other teleporters in Radar City. I'm probably going to cut it completely, fwiw.
  • what do you mean by cut?
  • and i can't find a roof with more than two teleporters in radar city.
    one of then is to sky garden and the other to a vr challange
  • "Cut" means, "Remove from the game completely" like cutting a scene from a movie. It was an experimental level that had some neat things about it but also got a lot of complaints and would take a long time to finish.

    It's quite possible there's no way to get to it now.
  • Ah ok, i wanted to unlock all levels.

    I think a nice idea to the game would be a level editor.

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