This Forum's Not Doing It For Me - What Should We Do?
  • Seems like we don't have enough activity on here to justify a forum, and I don't like that I can't get updates in my e-mail. I often forget to check it for days or even weeks.

    I don't want to use Facebook, because that's not very democratic. It's hard to see other people's posts.

    We could do a G+ community, but not everyone uses G+.

    We could be totally old-school and do a mailing list server. That might be best until the number of dedicated players goes up? Everyone gets all the messages and can reply and everyone will see it? The problem there is a lot of people don't like to get a lot of extra e-mail, but we can manage that with filters...

    Preferences? Any other ideas?
  • giantbomb or steam. all you need is a forum, steam can do that, so can giantbomb, but you can document a lot more on giantbomb. it would be nice to have a forum and a wiki and place to share pictures and videos all at the same spot. I don't know of any developers using giantbomb as a resource like that though. Everyone seems to want to go their own way and make their own forum.

    I think we should support what we believe in, and I believe in Giant Bomb so thats why I suggest it is a great spot to communicate.

    and also....hell yea update 2 days ago! :D
  • All of the big social networks are non-democratic. It also forces an element which is not required by forums, Steam, or other sites, namely real identity. Especially in the gaming world, pseudonymous is pretty important.

    For what it's worth, getting people to sign up for a new account is a tough sell these days. Almost everybody playing is guaranteed to have a Steam account. Especially once EH is available on Steam, it might also be nice to already have an active EH community within the Steam ecosystem.

    As somebody who has >100 e-mail filters and an order of magnitude more mail to deal with every day, my personal vote is "no" on a mailing list approach, but who knows. Maybe more invasive communication might be the jumpstart the community needs.
  • The forum is too isolated, that is the issue.
    We do not have any newcomers flowing in that magically stumble onto us.
    If we want to grow a community, we need to focus on something that has a decent rate of growth.
    And no fedoras.
  • Hii.

    First i want to say, having a forum is a very GOOD IDEA. I really dislike games which have no forum :(

    That said, there are a lot of problems with this one. Most notably is the requirement of admin-approval only for posting. People come to post, they register, and then they have to wait for a nebulous and indefinite period of time for someone to approve their account so that they can. Luckily jamie got around to mine fast, but he can't be online all the time, and there's a pretty good chance that by the time someone's account does get approved, they'll have lost interest in posting.

    Admin approval just does not work. I can think of a very few cases, usually only for extremely exclusive and desireable communities. Putting barriers in the way of communication is never good.

    I understand it may seem necessary to fight spam, but decent modern forum software is constantly improving on that front.

    Secondly, the forum software itself. It says powered by Vanilla? I've never heard of that, but i have to say i don't like it. It just doesn't "feel" right, and it uses a lot of unintuitive language like "Apply for membership" instead of "Register". It's unfamiliar and offputting. I'd personally advise one of the more industry standard alternatives, like phpbb/vbulletin

    Thirdly, hanzai has a point about isolation. The forum needs to be more visible, and more people need to be pointed at it from various sources.

    Someone also mentioned a good point about steam, it can supply built-in forums for all games, and i've used those regularly and found them fairly agreeable. I like the integration. In general, steam is good and being involved with it or near it raises your profile. (please not any other silly third parties like giantbomb).

    Taking down this site and migrating to using a steampowered forum would be totally agreeable to me
  • OK - most of my problem with the forum was that I had my preferences set wrong. I now have them changed so I'll be notified when people post, and that way I can stay more on top of things. That's in the "My Preferences" page, I've found out. You can set them to notify you about threads you bookmark (by clicking the star) also.

    My other problem is the spam - I'm still getting an egregious number of spam applicants, and, yeah, Vanilla is no good at fighting spam (though I do personally love the aesthetic of Vanilla) so I need the authentication system. (People who were here in the early days may remember the absolute tons of spam that were dumped - I still haven't gotten rid of it all.) If that means the forum is less popular I'm okay with that. You're here because you're HARDCORE. Awesome.

    So, think I'll stick with Vanilla for now...

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