To do list chaos.
  • If you want to look at the to do list and leave a suggestion, leave a number of the problem, and the suggestion to fix it; I assume someone will fulfill those demands because the customer is always bossy.
    To do list:
    Example below.
    7. Cooldown based on base cooldown of 1 second; every quarter of the charge adds .5 seconds. When using energy hook, CD decreases 50% faster.
    Cooldown should end automatically, as the score does at the moment.
    Look at 1080's list for some inspiration.°_Snowboarding/Controls
    86. Do a quit challenge option at the least, the issue makes the lives of those poor speed runners a blight.
    87. Make the locked levels with a red tint button, and let it shake with an error sound; should convey a bit.
    101. Wouldn't mind making a few tutorial videos.
    122. Total-30 credits
    123. Give a distance in meters and a Skyrim compass to do a reality check.
    129. Put this on a let's play document, please.
    130. Sandwich.
    131. Mac sucks, try Wii U (if you want to, I am enjoying it, want it for a week?)
    135. I cannot believe I am thinking about WoW with this question.
    So in WoW, whenever a status occurs such as damage or healing, a floating text floats up with a skip and a dance telling you whether you gained or lost points with universal colors (green and red, few examples.)
    Maybe have your score and multiplier be more apparent, increase the font, center and make is transparent. Tell me if it sucks, because it might.
    149. This is truely wonky, maybe you could use RB for a special jump function (dismount jump, vault, slide like Sanic the Hot Dog)
    160. Dans la maison, nous nous baisons.
    La fin.
    166. Do a survey on how many use first person, because I do not think many use it during play.
    167. Place challenge for wall running in da pit, and tell them what button to press; it is metroid game design cum omg I want it blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    168. Move it at a fast rate and make it a kill zone, that will show them.
    172. How the fuck do I do a loop de doop? Please explain, I am bewildered.
    176. Maybe base it of Sanic Generations, but less obnoxious of course for those lean airs.
    177. I got nothing.
    178. Have a skydiving mechanic, have Mrs. Buttersworth fly at different rates like suicidal and standard.
    182. When I got to this, maybe make the robot a tutorial source?
    183. Shit trail effect for cheats?
    184. Either pathing or outline of the object over every obstacle with distance.
    186. Make wind appear at... Let's say 9.80 meters per second. And the faster you go, I guess pitch and volume alteration.
    190. That's okay, put in that face... From FEZ, and we're good!
    199. There's a vault? But you should point out the importance of the reeling mechanic, make it more reliable in the beginning to avoid this issue.
    Complexity isn't always that great, especially with the mid air jump where the alternative is nullified by a core mechanic.
    200. Reeling, do a tightening animation, and when you land, do a Micheal Bay explosion due to the system overloading from impact.
    202. Already is, but the boost has INFINITE POWER!
    204. Will we have zombies in the sequel? But actually, if someone cannot reach it, then make it burn like feck.
    That is all for today, nighty night.
  • Aimez-vous?
  • I just saw that the document had been updated, making all of my suggestions fragmented without the original issue.
    A shotgun will do nicely.
  • Sorry - I'm not sure what you're saying? Are you saying you want to shoot me with a shotgun, because I missed a piece of feedback?
  • No, I want to shoot myself, silly billy.
    Should have pirated the copy when i was making the changes.
  • I also want to suggest some ideas to deal with the troublesome issue of when you fall into the ocean you find that those inundated buildings are floating.
    Hopefully you can endure my awful handwriting.
  • I couldn't read your handwriting, but I do want to make sure the camera stays above the waterline... it's on the list.
  • Lemme help with the illegible writing.
    1, (top right corner): Before hitting killbox
    2, (top left corner): The quantum thingy majiggy reacts violently to water, ergo when contacting the ocean, the user will get vaporized in a glorious fireball.
    3, (bottom left corner): While falling through the mist, a soft glow then explosion when one contacts the concealed ocean.
    4, (bottom right corner): When falling to your death, you will be screaming to death.
    For visualisation, I will use this visual aid.

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