New alpha release - version a3.70 - new levels and ragdoll
  • There's a method behind the madness to my update labeling scheme. The a is for alpha. The first number is what source control system iteration I'm on - I never meant to go to a third system, but circumstances warranted. (I lost the admin password to the second one. :P) Then the number after the dot is the version / changelist number.

    So, it's been over two months, and over 70 revisions (I don't even remember how many changes went in before the source control system switch), so I have lost track of all the new stuff that's gone in. But here are some highlights:

    You bail if you hit a surface too hard, and ragdoll physics takes over. That was a stretch goal we never reached. And I did it anyway! Instead of just finishing the damn game!

    New levels! Keegan O'Rourke's Sky Gardens, Killst4r's A-Star Island AKA Dark City, and Antonio Revard has been giving the challenge levels a makeover. Those challenge levels are now separate individual challenges scattered throughout the game, like the more abstract levels from a Mario game.

    More sound and music work by Brian Luzietti.

    Macro game stuff. You earn "cred" by placing higher in challenges and finding geocaches, and that cred then unlocks new teleporter gates and levels up your gear.

    Speaking of gear, new red-and-silver gear has been modeled and textured by Jim McAllister III and Israel Evans. Looks better and renders faster.

    The jetpack and jumping has been tweaked to feel "punchier" - it still has a ways to go, but it's better.

    But I also nerfed the jetpack! I giveth and I taketh away. The cooldown is longer so you can't judiciously manage your fuel and basically fly. Hanzai called me on that on the forums and I finally dealt with it.

    When doing a trick attack challenge, you don't have to cash in your last trick before time runs out, it'll automatically cash in for you without you losing the points.

    Upgraded to Unity 4.3.

    And that's not all.

    There are a couple obvious bugs you'll notice right off the bat, and don't have to report, because I already know about them:

    If you have a Mac, the graphics are messed up. They're doing weird banding in some levels, and the contrast is out of control on other levels.

    It's easy to get her locked into her crouching about-to-jump pose and stuck there.

    If you're interested in seeing ALL THE BUGS I know about, there's an eye-glazing list here:

    Lower priority numbers mean I'm going to get to them first. Yeah, it doesn't make sense. Anything under 1 I currently consider absolutely must-fix, so ... I better get on that. There's 84 of those. How many can I fix per day? We'll find out.

    Once I fix those - and any new ones that crop up in the meantime - I'll be willing to call the game "Beta" or "Content and Feature Complete."

    And don't worry, I don't expect you to check the bug list before giving me feedback. Go ahead and give it to me and I'll sort it all out later!

  • call it beta but keep it alpha in spirit! this games gonna be huge! This game already has user created maps, so that means you need to add a World Travelers Hat and Map Stamps! :D Oh man I'm excited for the future of Energy Hook if it goes the right way :D
  • congrats on PS4 and Vita! I hope you put in DualShock4 PC support when that eventually happens and think now about pressure sensitive buttons. Use em for something! They're too cool of a thing on those playstation controllers and no one uses it besides the very very best games on playstation, like gran turismo and metal gear solid. (edit: dualshock 4's don't have pressure sensitive buttons! only DS2 and DS3 controllers do! Horray Sony for taking a step backwards!)

    I figured out something cool that I'm not sure is an intended use of the boost, but...when wallrunning straight down towards the ground if I press the jump boost right before hitting the ground it is a cool save! I'll post a link to a video and at the right spot soon! :) I actually talked about that idea in some of my previous Energy Hook gameplay vids, imagining what it would be like to wall run and then do a flip from the wall to the ground smoothly and with style.

    to sum it up I think this update is trying to make the game fun while making the character underpowered and I think it should be the opposite with faster swings bigger swings, bigger jumps and bigger maps. making the character totally able to get around with just swinging. At the moment it takes way too long to get to the top of the big city map, and there are very few things that you can do to reliably gain height.
  • I have a few pet peeves with the fatal injury system. It is slightly irritating when I try to blast up a wall to wallrun but instead collide with wonky physics. I am sorry, but in a game where you are able to swing with plasma tethering, it is ridiculous when I see my character get flattened by landing impact on a stomach first landing or trying to joint a wall at a 30 degree angle; there are many other instances (sometimes falling damage, but my knowledge of it actually existing is uncertain), just too lazy to list them. And the situation is incredibly noticable in levels like A Star City (better name is in demand, such as Illuminati HQ). In summary, collision is getting my goat.
    While playing A-Star, I realized that wallrunning could have a lot of mechanics that could be used to push for more depth such as vaulting over those pesky building details and tricks. Look at the end of Speed Highway in Sonic Adventure, something extra if you want to.
    Other than that, it runs pretty well on my gaming PC, but I went on a low level laptop and it ran pretty well.
    That's all, kisses.

    thats the part where I discover that you can exit from a wall run when heading towards the ground, and how awesome of a dismount it is! Was that an intended natural thing to just happen? :D
  • That was more of a just-happen, honestly. But I'm stoked you like it! I should give points for clean dismounts.
  • whats in the new update?
  • there wasn't a thread for a3.85! so heres the vid for a3.85! its split into two pieces

    this update is ridiculously ridiculous! I love it!

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