Bugs/feedback for build a2.92
  • Hey Jamie, just got a chance to play the latest build and have some glitches to report and some other feedback for you.

    As always, it bears repeating that this is overwhelmingly awesome and I'm honored and thankful for the chance to play it early on. I promise to give you an equally long list of the things I think are really great, but for now it's too late. Bugs first.

    Just in case it matters, I'm playing full screen and 3rd-person on Win7, Intel i7, nvidia GTX 760 with run-of-the-mill mouse/keyboard (read no fancy 3rd party software in use). More info available if you need it.


    1. I've managed to get trapped inside level geometry a few times. Each time it's happened to me I've busted through the wall of the pit in the center of the first level. My guess is I'm reaching too high a speed and the physics sim is running at too low a framerate and misses the collision.

    2. I don't have access to a gamepad right now but I think the controls don't behave quite as intended when using mouse/keyboard. In particular, the mouse look seems to override anything you do with the keyboard as far as lateral rotation/translation. Again, I haven't played with a gamepad (which I understand you're focusing on at the moment), so I have nothing to compare to.

    2a. I think this is related, but I don't seem to be able to steer wall runs at all with mouse/keyboard. _SOMETHING_ is causing direction change, but I don't seem to be able to control it. In turn, wall running is nearly impossible to incorporate into successful tricks. I always just veer sharply in some direction that I can't seem to predict.

    3. Super minor: when I pause for the first time after entering game play, all menu checkboxes are momentarily checked for a frame before they switch to the values I've configured. Big whoop. Just letting you know.

    4. Super minor #2: Could be wrong (haven't tried to repro) but I think the volume sliders for audio are wrong on first loading the app. The first time I clicked the SFX slider (not moving its position), SFX got much quieter. On the previous build I observed something similar: sound still came despite both sliders being zeroed out.

    5. None of the charged vs. continuous jets settings (either in tune or pause menus) have any effect for me. It's always charged.

    6. Another frustrating one I can't repro: despite being in full screen mode, I managed to cause a temporary mouse grab failure and actually register a click in another app on my other monitor. I've managed to play for long periods without this happening, but every so often I'll see my mouse cursor moving on the other monitor. When that happens, any click goes to the click target under the OS mouse cursor.

    7. Super minor #3: sometimes the camera gets stuck really really close in or really far away. Hard to repro, but I think it has to do with getting really close to level geometry (camera too close) or dying or getting going really fast (camera too far).

    8. The player is not guaranteed to be safe when respawning after falling off the level. This is especially true over water, but even in the first level, I've respawned off of level geometry, or in such a position that I hit the level and slide off and die again.

    9. This is pretty rare but really disruptive when it happens: both wall running with too much rapid direction change and too much rotation while swinging have caused the camera to suddenly flip around 180 on one axis. Maybe an edge case wrapping around 360 or 180 degrees?

    Ok, enough bugs. Obviously many of those aren't really bad, but I figure you want to know either way and can prioritize as you see fit.

    General feedback:

    1. Ground movement feels very unnatural. My guess is this is more a fault of animation not being finalized than anything else, but the discrepancy between what the character is doing and her position certainly heightens any tuning issues in the movement/controls. Even then, my sense is that the slow-speed ground movement is too "simple physics"-based. I can see gradual acceleration/deceleration even at low speeds where a real human would have enough leg strength to just explosively change direction (and even if a real human wouldn't, a video game human certainly would for the sake of playability). The result is movement (especially low-speed) that feels lazy, cumbersome, and "floaty."

    2. I realize you're only just getting animation help (and it already shows! the difference between this build and a few builds ago is huge!), but I think the blandness of the single, static in-air idle animation really detracts from the fluidity and fun factor of the game. It actually took me a long time to realize how much speed I could carry off of a swing precisely because the character looks so still after letting go. The same goes for swinging animations. I'd love to see final animations that really convey speed, motion, and especially when swinging, the Gs the character is coping with.

    Anyway, I know you're obviously resource bound here and I'm preaching to the choir. I guess my real point is that I think the character animations will have way more to do with my feeling of "WHEEEEEEE!" than the actual precision of modeling reasonable speed and character physics internally. I also feel that the lack of animation is the primary contributor to my feeling of losing "flow" between swings and jumps.

    3. I realize it's not true to physics, but I would really like to see what the game would feel like if, upon letting go of the hook, the character was given some artificial impulse. Because altitude is so important for tricks, I find myself naturally wanting to swing high. Unfortunately, because I'm swinging in a circle, the point that I naturally want to let go (near "hook parallel to ground") leaves me with little to no forward velocity, which in turn kills my "wheeee" moment. Of course, it's very likely that I'm just playing like an idiot and haven't figured out how to master the controls.

    Holy crap. I wrote an essay. Sorry, Jamie! Again, awesome, awesome game. My apologies for not having time tonight for all of my positive feedback. It's coming; I promise. For now, I'm calling this day quits.

  • Sorry, two more for you that I just discovered in the process of quitting:

    1. Exit button in main menu doesn't work for me (not clickable and also doesn't respond to mouse-over).

    2. Not sure if intended, but I can see settings menu controls in the background off to the side when in the main menu (I should mention I'm playing at 1080p res). What I'm almost certain is not intended is that all of those GUI elements are interactive while still in the main menu.
  • Thanks so much! That is a really awesome level of detail and rigor.
  • BTW, I've seen stuck in geometry problems a lot whenever anybody else plays the game, but I am lousy at reproducing it myself. If anybody gets a knack for getting themselves stuck, let me know. I could kick the physics iteration up a notch right now, but I'm going to wait in hopes that somebody can consistently reproduce the problem, so they can then confirm for me, "Yeah, that fixed it."
  • That issue is apparent in the third level, where some of the skyscrapers cause my character to freeze, forcing me to force quit.
  • Hey Hanzai - which skyscrapers?

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