New Alpha Release - version a2.92 - leaderboards, tune-able gear, new animations, new front end
  • Today's build brings a bunch of stuff.

    One of the big things is the beginnings of leaderboards are in there. Now you can throw down with everyone else who is playing. They're absolutely the bare minimum - you can't even scroll them, so if you don't place in the top scores you won't be able to see yourself. But it's a start.
    To access the leaderboards you have to pick a screen name and password and Register from the front page of the game. For now, you can pick whatever you want. Later I'm going to reset the system.

    Another big thing is you can tune and customize your gear. The way I see it, the default settings of the game are for the rookies - once you've gotten good at it, you'll want to go into the menus and tweak parameters to fit your play style. Some of these parameters you'll just want to max out (like boost power - later that's going to be an unlockable) - but others you won't. I'll try to describe the different parameters here:

    Charged jets vs. continuous jets: Hold down the button to build up a big jump and release, or hold down the button for constant upward thrust.
    Jump jet power: How big a jump you get. Probably want to max this one out.
    Boost power: How big a boost you get. Probably want to max this one out.

    Energy hook:
    Chest/head/eye mounted - this isn't supported yet, but it will allow you to choose whether the beam goes in the direction the character is pointing, in the direction the camera is pointing, or directly where the center of the camera is pointing.
    Trigger beam spread - how much slop there is in your trigger beam. The lower this is, the more precise your shot is, but also makes it harder to catch the side of the building as you're flying by.
    Trigger beam precision wait - how much time it waits before the beam goes from its narrowest spread to its widest - the larger this is, the longer it will stay precise before going "OMG I BETTER FIND SOMETHING TO SWING FROM"
    Minimum distance - how close you can be to things and still swing from them. I like to keep this fairly high, actually, myself.
    Maximum distance - how long a beam you can have. You probably want to max it out.
    Reel speed - how fast you can reel in and reel out your energy line. You probably want to max it out.

    Okay, and good news! James Zachary has started work on the game and some of his animations are in there, including a new midair trick, the "Swan". There are now 3 tricks, which you can access with '1' '2' and '3' on the keyboard or X, Y and X+Y on the gamepad.

    I belatedly decided that the last couple builds were a bit sketchy. I should have taken more care to make sure that things didn't look obviously ugly, and I spent the last week attempting to fix some of that up with this build. There's still a lot of warts but I hope this is better, and people coming to the game for the first time won't be all "Meh".

    Plus more sounds (ignore that moving crane in the first level, we're going to have that happen later as a Thing you Unlock) and yeah.

    See you on the leaderboards!
  • Sounding really awesome, congratulations!

    I'm really anxious to get hold of a computer I can actually play it on.
  • So I just noticed there's a bug where charge jump is always on no matter what you have it set to. Whoops. My apologies, for those of you who prefer the smoother continuous jump...
  • which do you like more and why? :)

    also....awesome update! made me think a lot! :D
  • I prefer the charge jump. It's snappier and more satisfying as long as you have the foresight, and easier to wallrun with, but I also recommend newbies start with the continuous jump.
  • There is a major exploit with the jet-pack, allowing for a person to stay in the air until they get bored. I found it out after getting frustrated trying to get some constant momentum. I know it is pre-alpha, but it needs more connection.
  • Hey Jamie read the update and very sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you gamejam your way out of any grief. :)

    It is great to hear of others volunteering to make maps, and items. I hope this game can take a few cues from TF2 because I've always loved that idea and want to see it evolve more, by more people than just Valve.

    Is there a way for me to contribute any effort towards sound?
  • Yeah, Hanzai I've been meaning to give the jetpack a much longer cooldown for a while now. (Though I've never been able to stay in the air indefinitely with it. What's your secret?)

    Thanks Jason - I think Brian has sound pretty well in hand. Once we hit Beta, if there's something you still feel is missing or could be better let us know.

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