Question for Jamie: giving feedback, known issues, etc.
  • It's been awesome toying with Das Hook so far. You're channeling a really cool aesthetic! Thanks for giving all of us a sneak peek.

    Question: what I've seen from you is that facebook/forum are the ways to give feedback, but I imagine it will just get overwhelming for you if people started posting every bug/issue they ran into as a thread on the forum. There might be lots of duplicate threads, and there'd be no decent way to check if an issue had already been submitted, you were already aware of it, it was already fixed, yada yada.

    Maybe I've overthinking this, but maybe the looseness of this feedback system means you aren't ready for / don't want the full firehose of potential feedback? If you do want tons of feedback, I just want to be sure that this (spamming the forum) is the way to do it.

    Other related questions:
    - Any way for me to do my due diligence and find out about known issues before giving feedback?
    - Is there a general level of polish beyond which you don't want / aren't ready for feedback?
    - Should I collapse multiple issues into one forum thread, or one thread each?
  • Let's start out with posting to the forum, and if that becomes unmanageable we can do something else. Other games with more players than Energy Hook do it that way, so it'll be okay for now.

    I do want tons of feedback (particularly now as I've almost finished implementing first drafts of all the stretch goals), but also want to remind everyone that I can only address it slowly - I'll probably only be able to fix about 10 simple problems per week or so, and trickier problems, well, who knows.

    Let's try one forum thread for multiple issues at first.

    Thanks for asking!

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