New Alpha Release - version a2.42 - score for midair tricks
  • Okay, the midair tricks weren't quite there yet in the last release. Now they're a thing.
    On the keyboard, press the '1' or '2' keys to do cannonball and leg grab poses, press 'q' and 'e' to spin (but you don't get points for that ... yet), and press 'r' and 'f' to flip.
    On the xbox gamepad, it's Y and B and the D-Pad. So if you want to steer in midair, keep your thumb on the stick, but if you want to do some flippy flips, move your thumb. It's a little unusual arrangement but y'all are HARDCORE, you can handle it.
    (And how did you think you were going to be able to steer and flip at the same time, anyway?)

    A reminder of how the trick system works:

    When you do a trick, that yellow bar starts counting down. Once it's gone, the trick cashes in. If you do another trick before it's done, you get both the points and a multiplier. If you do the same trick twice in a row, no extra multiplier (and fewer points.)

    If you land, your score cashes in.

    The system's incredibly generous right now! You should be able to rack up crazy scores. See what you can do and post your screenshots to facebook or twitter or the forums. (I'm going to nerf certain exploits later. Now's your chance them.)

    Also, try the wallrunning some more

    Most people thought the wallrunning was too tricky. I think I've made it much better. Try it out and let me know.
  • sorry it took me so long to put this up. its not hard im just an idiot sorry for not putting it up faster
  • Just in time for the new build!

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