First person nausea
  • So I haven't been able to play the game yet, but from what I've seen the motion sickness is probably an issue because of the low field of view. With a monitor right in front of the player, even the slowest paced first person games can cause issues if they have a field of view lower than 90 degrees or so. Since Energy Hook is a fast game, the fov should probably go even higher than that.
  • play the game first
  • Don't worry, I plan on providing adjustable FOV. I feel that games just look better with a low FOV - it makes them more cinematic and gives you a greater sense of height/verticality - so it'll default low. Definitely try it out that way first. You may also prefer it in third person, which has a dynamic FOV - a big part of the game is watching yourself do tricks anyway.
  • I'm sure you saw this Jamie, but for anybody else interested in FOV and related stuff:

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