Wall Running.
  • I'm really liking the swinging mechanic so far. However I find the wall running awkward and hard to use, especially running up walls. Will this be improved in the future? Also a suggestion, Mega Man X style wall jumping.
  • In the process of improving it right now. Think you'll like the next build a lot better. Thanks!
  • i'm finding wall running rather odd, too. It doesn't really feel like i have enough momentum, and the pull of gravity on me feels too strong and sudden. I liked the slower, more airy feel of wallrunning in spiderman 2.

    Also it seems a little buggy. Other than falling down pits, the game doesn't seem to have much "death" mechanic, ive fallen from massive heights and landed fine. but when wallrunning, i seem to ragdoll and respawn from touching the slightest obstacle, which is bothersome.

    Lastly, i think the running animation is related to the feel of wallrunning. In general running (on any surface) looks awkward because the animation is so rapid. I'd definitely prefer to see the character take slower, longer strides (again, like in spiderman <3)

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