Broken Tutorial(?)
  • When I launch the game there is no UI and when I ever stand on one of the columns of light it doesn't say what to do. This is ok for the ones with the rings but not the others. I also can't seem to travel to the city world. I hope I'm not being stupid, but I seem to remember there being text on the screen from live streams.
  • I've reproduced this bug on a local machine and am racing to fix it.
  • having the same problem. any info i can give you that could help? my hardware, or settings or things like that
  • Same issue, but if it helps the ui appears when the using either of the Oculus Rift graphics settings. Hard to use for anyone without a Rift, but might help debug the issue. Running Windows 7, btw.
  • I've been playing the game (a lot!) and now when I reload the game the levels dont show up, so I can't play through them to unlock the other levels (would love to play all the levels without having to go through the tutorial but I think you already know that :D). right now I'm stuck in the first map and can't play any other map :( still swinging around a lot though. can't figure out how to get it to work, I've deleted the game and unzipped it again, but no luck.

    edit: after an hour of swinging, the levels are back! :D not sure what happened (maybe I was still stuck in a tutorial?) but its all good now. also I havent had a ui this whole time but no big deal, maybe a minimalist ui would be cool :D

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